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The Wickford Action Group was started by Alan Ball and Derek Harrison in 2005/6. John Rushton joined in November 2006 to build the website, and Amanda Hufton, and our first meeting was in December 2006. David Harrison joined in Feb 2007, and our first commitment was to emphasise that we would be non-political, and indeed we never discuss our own individual political leanings. The fact that the Conservatives have ruled Basildon Council in all of this time does mean that we clash with them on many issues, but this is on specific incidents where we disagree with their decisions, and is nothing to do with Tory / Labour / UKIP etc. Read the WAG Constitution document

Our initial purpose was to fight against the proposed Town Centre Masterplan, which wanted to build over 700 flats on brownfield sites in the centre of town in order to fund what we saw as pie-in-the-sky regeneration. (8 years later about half of the flats have been built, but precious little regeneration).

Our first major activity was to hold a public meeting on 22 March 2007 in the Community Centre, which was attended by 5 Councillors and over 200 people, many couldn't get into the room. See picture opposite, Read more

Although the Town Centre Masterplan is now dead and buried, we continue to fight for a better Wickford, with any increase in housing being family friendly and with sufficient supporting services (roads, schools, doctors etc.)

The Action Group Committee consists of the following Wickford residents:

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